Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!!

I am all for my neighbor (who's house burnt) to get his home fixed but this is getting old. Everyday this week I have been woken up before 7am in the morning. School is out, I don't need to be up before 7am. They have started work on the home next door. Monday at 6am they delivered a big trash bin, then the guys started working on the home immediately. Tuesday they were there at 6:30 am. And today they were there at 5:45am getting a new trash bin. I guess for me the worst part of it all is that they not only wake me up but they wake the girls up. So this morning at about 6 I went out to talk to the guys who are working on the house and asked them if they had to do this this early in the morning. They proceeded to tell me that they have a job to get done. I told them that I had children that needed sleep and that they have woken us up every morning this week. Then they had the audacity to say "You can hear the pounding in the house?" They are Mexican so they speak little English. I was like yes we can hear the pounding. These guys are gone by 2 to 2:30 in the afternoon. My thoughts are they can start 1 hour later and stay 1 hour later. It hasn't even hit 100 degrees this week so far. I told them that there are noise laws and they can't make noise until 7am. I am so tired.

Sorry just had to vent. I can't vent to Jared since he is gone. I wish that I had my camera, (Jared took it to Scout Camp)there have been a couple of times when I had some cute photo opportunities with the girls. But oh well, what am I to do?