Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On May 8th I was able to go to the Spa. I went to the Copperwood Elementary Kindergarten Day Spa. I had such a wonderful time with Jodi. Jodi's teacher Mrs. Shores set up a spa in her classroom, in one corner she had cookies and juice, at another station we got a warm cloth to put on our necks and cucumbers for our eyes, at another station we got our toenails painted, then our finger nails painted, and then the last station was the hair and massage (this was my favorite). I had such an enjoyable time watching all of these Kindergartners pamper their Moms or Grandmas. The children really enjoyed taking care of their Moms, and yes even the boys. Jodi was really cute, because when we were leaving school she asked me if I was going home and take the polish off of my nails, I of course told her no and that I loved my nails, even though I had paint up my toes and fingers and that I had 6 clippies in my hair. If any of you are wondering I did go shopping looking the way I did. I know that I got some pretty funny looks, I really think that I helped my daughters self esteem, she came to the store with me and told several people that she helped her teacher set up a spa at school and that she made me look beautiful. Jodi felt so good about herself, she even woke up the next morning to check and see if the little jewels that she had put on my big toes had fallen off or not. What a fun idea, Thanks Mrs. Shores!

Friday, May 15, 2009

As Promised.....

Amber performing at the ward "Talent Show" with her friend Jade Cuthbert!

On May 9th our Ward had their annual Scout Camp and Girls Camp fundraiser. The youth of the Ward serve dinner for donations, then have a "talent show", they also have a silent auction where the youth make goodies (treats, desserts, etc.) to be auctioned off, and anyone who want to contribute to this can. We had allot of fun. It ended up that I didn't have to cook anything the following day which just happened to be Mothers Day. I was sooooo Happy! Two of our girls participated in the Talent Show!

Breanna sang a song with the other Beehives in the Ward.

Amber did a gymnastics/dance routine with her friend Jade Cuthbert! I will post this in another post, for some reason it isn't letting me upload it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Thursday May 7 we attended Breanna's Broadway Blast Choir concert. The 5th and 6th graders did a great job, They sang many of my favorite songs, from Annie, The Sound of Music, Grease just to name a few. Breanna even had a speaking part, and did a great job at it.

Here is a little clip from a song from Hairspray!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amber's 4th Grade Play!

About one and a half months ago the 4th graders did a play called "The Great Kapok Tree" I think is the name of it. It was really cute, and Amber had a speaking part. She did a really good job, she actually had her part memorized, and then had to say someone else's part also because they were sick. I actually heard from Jodi's Kindergarten teacher that the play was so much better this year, than in previous years. Way to go 4th graders! The children all had to make their own costumes which were just masks. They turned out really cute. Because Amber had a speaking part she was to wear a white shirt with black pants. No costume making for me! (I was actually relieved!)

Here is video of Amber saying her part.