Saturday, October 25, 2008

School Pictures!

We just had school pictures taken. I just love this time of year! Yea Right! I hate school pictures. I'm not there, so I can't make sure that the girls hair is in place, or even center them in the photo, or whether or not the pose looks OK, or even the color of the back ground that you choose is even being used. I never order very many because I am never happy. And then you pay a ton of money for just a few. Oh well, my gripping and complaining over here are their school pictures, and everything aside, I think they turned out OK!

Breanna Dawn
6th Grade
11 years old
Amber Lynn
4th Grade
9 years old
Candace Rose
2nd Grade
7 years old

Jodi Dene
5 years old

Friday, October 17, 2008

Today Jodi was awarded "Student of the Month" for the month of October. This is what her teacher had to say about her:

"This young lady is an enthusiastic learner. She comes to school with a smile and ready to learn. Her positive attitude shows in her concern for her fellow students and their well being. She is always friendly, cooperative, and fair and is a pleasure to have in class."

Way to go Jodi we are so proud of you!! Love ya lots! Mom and Dad

Thursday, October 9, 2008


8 TV shows I love to watch!
1. Bones
2. CSI
3. House
4. Ugly Betty
5. Heroes
6. Prison Break
7. American Idol
8. Biggest Loser

8 Things that happened yesterday!
1. Went to work
2. Picked up kids from School
3. Made Navajo Tacos
4. Laundry
5. Talked on the phone
6. Read scriptures with the girls
7. Watched Bones
8. Kissed Jared good night (he is actually home at night this week, he's working the day shift)

8 Favorite places to eat!
1. Texas Roadhouse
2. Famous Daves
3. El Paso BBQ
4. Chipotles
5. Dos Hombres(in Colorado Springs, CO)
6. Casa Bonitas (in Denver, CO)
7. Fargo's Pizza (in Colorado Springs, CO)
8. Barro's Pizza

8 Things I'm looking forward to!
1. Christmas
2. Not having to go anywhere for Thanksgiving
3. Not working on Monday (Columbus Day)
4. Breanna starting YW
5. No children this Friday (Aunt Denee is taking the girls for our Anniversary)
6. My brother coming home from Iraq (he just left)
7. Jared's business making us money
8. Having 1 year of food storage

8 Things on my wish list!
1. 1 year of food storage
2. The girls to never fight (yea, like if that will ever happen)
3. More ALONE time with Jared (this working night stuff sucks)
4. Girls that get along (oh, did I say that?)
5. More time to do things for ME
6. To get more organized
7. To have no animals
8. I wish that I didn't have to work

8 People I tag!
1. Elena
2. Janette
3. Diana
4. Carolyn
5. Amber
6. Wendy
7. Katy
8. Shelly

Have Fun!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

If you live in AZ you know that we have Proposition 102 on the ballot coming in November. I am very worried for our children. I am voting YES on Prop. 102. I do not want this to happen to my children. I'm sure most of you have heard of this, but I thought that I would share this video anyways. Jared and I are seriously thinking about Home Schooling our children if they do not pass this. We know that things like this will come up in our lives, but our children do not need to be taught this in school.

Ironic thing about this video, is that I know Rob Wirthlin. Way back when in my single days, back in Colorado Springs, I was attending the singles ward there, and he was attending the Air Force Academy there, and of course the singles ward. Yes, his Grandfather was Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. All of us singles would love it when his Grandpa would come to visit. We had a General Authority attend our singles ward often, and what a wonderful spirit he would bring.

Family, is so IMPORTANT!

I just wanted to share this wonderful video on family.

P.S. If you want to watch the video you can pause my music (at bottom of page) by pressing the pause button on the play list.