Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SnOw DaY!!!!!

On Monday, we had school off and Daddy didn't have to work. Daddy took us to Flagstaff to play in the snow. We had a lot of fun. Mommy and Daddy kept telling us that we are definitely "City Girls"! We didn't much care for the COLD, and getting wet when the snow melted on our clothes. It was funny watching everyone trying to walk through the snow. We would start walking then all of a sudden we would fall through to our knees or higher. We tried to make a snowman, and have a snowball fight, but Daddy said that it was to cold and that the snow wouldn't stick together until it got warmer. Daddy started a fire to help us warm up before we came back to Phoenix and warmer weather. Thanks Daddy for taking us, we had a fun time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years Eve/Day!

On New Years Eve we went to our Dax and Azures home and had a Fondue Party/WII Party! It was a total blast. Jared and I are now wishing that we had bought a WII instead of a PS3. The girls were laughing their heads off every time it was their turn to play. Before we went over Jared kept asking me if he would have to turn over to me his "Man Card", and of course I kept looking at him with this puzzled look. He finally explained to me that he thought Fondue was for, let's just say, a different breed of men. I started laughing. But he ended up enjoying it, and even suggested that we get Fondue pots. I don't have any pics of the night but Azure took video of Jared playing WII. He is playing against Mon's who just stood there and moved his arms, and then there is Jared! Enjoy! On a side note, I beat Jared in Boxing!

On New Years Day we finally got to go riding, so the girls could use their new Christmas gift! We had a wonderful time, and the girls really love their new quads. Amber is getting better at riding her motorcycle, and the girls enjoyed following Jared on trails while he was leading in the golf cart. I wish that I had taken pictures that day but did not. We had a blast hanging out with family and friends.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When I started working our plan was that Jared or I would be home with our girls when they were not in school. Well, that has now been foiled with APS doing away with graveyards.(Don't get me wrong, I love that he isn't working Graves anymore, but, it came a little sooner than expected.) During Christmas break I did have to work, I only worked 3 days but I still had to work, and Jared's work decided that the last 2 weeks of the year everyone would be working the day shift. This was not in our plans, I did not want to pawn our girls off on someone so that Jared and I could work. But luckily I only had to work 3 days total, so I only needed someone to watch the girls those three days. Well, that is were our friends stepped in. They offered without us having to ask. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends. The first day I worked my friend Azure watched the girls for us, and the second day I worked my friend Amber watched the girls for us, and on the third day Jared's parents took the girls. Well, when Amber watched the girls she and her husband Mon's and Azure and her husband Dax took all of their children and mine hiking in the White Mountains, The girls had a super fun time! They hiked to the water falls, in hopes that there would be running water, because most of the time there isn't, but their was because it has rained allot this year. We just wanted to Thank our wonderful friends, and parents for stepping in for us, we are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Day!

We had a wonderful and relaxing day! The girls slept in till about 8:30, and of course when they woke up we had to open presents. It was a very laid back and relaxing morning. The girls all got Pj's, Breanna and Amber both got Nintendo DS's, and Candace and Jodi both got new to us but used quads (these are bigger than the ones we have now, the girls just will not stop growing). I feel that this Christmas has been one of our best by far. Weirdest thing though, we didn't even put up our Christmas tree, strange I know. Because of the quality of the gifts the girls didn't get very much, but I truly feel that they cherish the ones that they have received.

The girls in their new Pj's, and the Uno Attack game that they got from Santa!

Jodi riding her new quad around the tree! We had all intentions on taking the girls riding on Christmas day, but it was raining. So we stayed home and watched movies.

Candace riding her new quad!

At about 4:30 we headed over to Jared's parent home for dinner! We had a wonderful time and the girls watched The Water Horse, and the adults learned how to play Hand and Foot.

Denee Robbie

Parker! Grandma Debbie, Aunt Peggy!

Uncle Edd with the kidos!

Me and Shelly!

*Disclaimer, I let the girls take all of the pics! Yes, I fixed my camera and it does work now, but when you hand it to busy little girls the pictures don't come out so nice!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve!

*Yea, I know, I'm really behind on posting! I will just post little by little until I get caught up!

Back to Christmas Eve! We had a wonderful time getting together with Jared's family! We went over to Jared's cousins home, Chad and Shelly Turley! We enjoyed visiting with family, and watching the children play and of course eating! We ate yummy yummy Mexican food. So here are a few pics of the evening, enjoy!

Amber, Candace and Jodi with Carter! Breanna, Jodi and Candace with Bryce!

Jared and Aunt Kerry! Uncle Edd, Grandma Millie and Danica!

I know the pics aren't the greatest, but I was having too much fun visiting with everyone, so I let the girls run around and take the pics for me!