Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jodi's Birthday!

On March 7th Jodi (our baby) turned 6. We had her birthday party on the 14th. It was a fun little party for her. When preparing for Jodi's party she informed me that she wanted balloons all through the house, clear up to her waist. I then told her that she had to help me blow up the balloons then, she gave up, Jodi blew up one balloon then said that she was done. She loved being able to play with all of her friends, and enjoyed the gifts she was given. I keep thinking that we are almost to the end of this school year, and my baby will then be in 1st grade. In just 2 more years Jodi will be baptized, and I will be heading into the next stage of my life, getting all of the girls into YW. What a joy it is to be raising daughters.