Friday, February 27, 2009

Tea at the White House!

I got to have Tea (cookies and juice) with some very famous people today. I was privileged enough to be invited to go to the White House (Candace's classroom). I met Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Thomas Jefferson, Orville Wright just to name a few. My favorite part of this wonderful event was when I got to meet Florence Nightingale (aka Candace). Mrs. Maldonado did a great job with this program. The children were to choose a famous person in history and read a biography on them, then turn into that person for the Tea at the White House. The invited guest (parents) got to go around the room and meet these wonderful and influential people. Enjoy the video of Candace answering all of her questions.

Talent Show!

Our sweet little Amber decided to try out for the talent show at the school with 3 of her friends. They would get together after school at her friends house and practice. When they tried out, they were told by the judges that they were impressed with these girls because when they messed up they didn't quit, they just kept going. The girls did a great job. Here is a video of the girls dancing to the song "Push It" from the Disney movie "Jump In".

Amber is the one in the pink shirt (and she is the shortest)!

Breanna is 12!!

On February the 18th Breanna turned 12, I am still in shock that Jared and I actually have a daughter old enough to be in YW's.

On the 20th Breanna had a couple of her friends over for a sleepover/pamper night. My friend Shiloh Allen came over and did the girls hair for me, and I painted their finger nails, and they soaked their feet in one of those foot soak tubs. The girls all seemed to have a fun time. I was really lucky in the fact that when they went to watch a movie in Breanna's room, you could tell that they were having fun, but they didn't get loud and giggly. I think that they were asleep by 12-12:30. All in all it was a fun time.

Breanna, Makela and Kaylee!

After they were done pampering themselves.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I had a fun Birthday party. I turned 8 on February 5th. Last Friday evening I had some friends over for a Birthday party, it was a lot of fun. We ate hot dogs, chips and had a juice box for dinner. Then we made a craft, we made princess wands, then we opened presents. I got some really cool stuff. Thanks everybody! Then we had cake and ice cream. Then it was time for everybody to go home. I wanted my party to keep going. I got my ears pierced. My mom and pops also gave me a nice new set of scriptures. Here are some pics of my fun Birthday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm not sure where to begin! I think that I will start with the yucky stuff. Last weekend we had to completely redo the sewage plumbing from our home to half way through the back yard. After 50 plus years, the roots from our trees finally found the old joints and worked their way into the pipes. We kept getting major back ups, which are not fun. But we are done now and waiting for the inspector to come so we can rebury the pipe.

On February 1st Jared turned 38. We went over to Denee and Robby's home and cooked up Carne Asada and watched the Super Bowl. In which our Cardinals lost.

Tomorrow Candace will be turning 8 years old. She will be getting baptized at the end of March. She is getting very excited because she will get her first official set of scriptures, and she will also be getting her ears pierced.

Then on the 18th of February Breanna will turn 12 and be heading on into the YW's program. I am still in shock that I will actually have a 12 year old, and only one more left to get baptized. My how time flies.

This was just a quick update on how we are doing! I will definitely post more later.