Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spur of the Moment Temple Visit!

Last Friday we had to run to Mesa to pick something up. I had just gotten out of a job interview with Frontier Elementary at 3:20, Jared had just gotten off of work at about the same time, and the girls were at the Cherry's home swimming and having fun. (Thanks to Dawn for picking them up for me!) So I ran and got the girls, went home got Jared and we ran to Mesa to get what we needed, and then ended up at the Mesa Temple. It was a fun spur of the moment Family thing to do. We walked around the Temple grounds, and walked through the Visitors Center. The girls had fun watching all of the little video clips about Families, CTR, and etc. Breanna realized that next year when she turns 12 she will be able to attend the Temple and do Baptisms for the Dead. It was truly a wonderful time. The funniest part for me was when Amber was reading on the computer screen, video discriptions, she said a word wrong (I wish that I could remember the exact word, but oh, well) and I corrected her, but she politly said to me that she did say the word right, and pointed it out to me, sure enough they had left out an "S" in the word, so she was saying it the way that it read. After we walked around the Temple grounds we went to the DQ next door for dessert before dinner. It was a wonderful Friday evening.

Sorry the pictures are not that great, I took them with my cell phone!


Ryan, Alli & Crew said...

Isn't that the nicest place? We need to bring our kids there too, they would like it. Well, I'm sure you guys have big plans for the long weekend involving some kind of motorcycle or quad or something. I hope there'll be lots of pictures for us to see on Tuesday! (We're going to Utah)

Shel said...

How fun!!! I can't believe you will have a 12 year old already! WOWIE!! Did you guys ever get there to see the AMAZING picture display of Christ that was up for a very SHORT while?? I saw it alone and just bawled...LOVED IT! Wish my whole family could have seen it. :) Your kids will always remember the special trips to the temple....GREAT IDEA to take them all!!