Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last night Jared had to run by his buddy John's house, and of course he was their for a while. When he came home he came home with a surprise. I could hear whimpering the second he opened the truck door, and the whole way up the drive way. So I ran to the door as he was unlocking it to try and find out what the heck was going on out side. He had brought a little puppy home with him from Johns.(Their dogs had puppies!) The breed of the dog is a Dachshund, I was not very thrilled at the moment, because this breed of dogs tend to be very YAPPY! I have gotten used to Scooter who will howl when he hears sirens, and bark when their is someone he doesn't recognize going down the street. He is a very quiet and blind dog. And we also have 3 red eared slider turtles that don't make any noise at all. Then I decided that I would train him not to bark from the beginning. Wish me luck! The girls have named him Thor!


Diana said...

Thor is such a big, mean dog!!! No wonder Adalyn screamed when he came near!!! jk he is so cute! I don't know what to do with my little scardie cat!

I came to your blog to finish reading where I left off last night and thought I would see a post on baking bread. How did it turn out?

Shel said...

Fun surprise! I keep wanting to come home with a surprise like that too...sadly...I think Chad would divorce me!! I am about to start potty why not 2at a time right?!?! :)