Monday, August 11, 2008

1st Day of School!

I began this day with very mixed feelings. Our baby Jodi started Kindergarten today. Last night when we were getting ready for today and Jared was giving the girls their Fathers Blessings, I was crying realizing that it is here the day I do not have anymore children at home during the day with me. I finally asked Jared to give me a blessing also, and was greatly comforted by the blessing. I was afraid that Jodi would not do ok in school, (she still has a hard time going to primary). That she would be crying for her teacher and wanting mommy and daddy to stay with her, and not leave her side. Well I was wrong! When school started she walked right on into her classroom put her backpack and lunch box in her cubby, went and sat down and started playing with the string and beads that her teacher had out on their tables. All while she was laughing and talking with her new classmates. Boy was I stressed out for no reason!Jodi all excited!
Candace had a bit of a hard time. She wasn't seeing any of her friends from last year, so she was a little scared. But when the bell rang she finally saw a friend from last year and went to class with no problems. Candace is starting 2nd grade.
Amber was overjoyed to finally be back in school where she could be the cutest and smallest girl in 4th grade. All of her friends found her and she was off playing.
Breanna is starting the 6th grade. She is excited because their is a friend of ours from our stake in her class Kaylee Cherry. She was excited because their will be 2 of them who have the same standards.

So for now I am not crying! I think that I am going to make bread without any interruptions.


Ryan, Alli & Crew said...

Great job Alyssa! Isn't it nice to have such excellent husbands who can help comfort us when we need them? We are very blessed. I hope the girls have a great first day and that you do too!

Amber said...

They are all so cute, don't you love girls?? I can't believe that Jodi & Anna are in Kindergarten now.

Shel said...

CUTE pics!!! I am a little jealous of you...I love my boys and this young age...BUT...I think I will LOVE when they are all in school! :)That is a FAR WAYS OFF...and then I am SURE I will say that it went WAY TOO FAST! :)