Saturday, October 25, 2008

School Pictures!

We just had school pictures taken. I just love this time of year! Yea Right! I hate school pictures. I'm not there, so I can't make sure that the girls hair is in place, or even center them in the photo, or whether or not the pose looks OK, or even the color of the back ground that you choose is even being used. I never order very many because I am never happy. And then you pay a ton of money for just a few. Oh well, my gripping and complaining over here are their school pictures, and everything aside, I think they turned out OK!

Breanna Dawn
6th Grade
11 years old
Amber Lynn
4th Grade
9 years old
Candace Rose
2nd Grade
7 years old

Jodi Dene
5 years old


Diana said...

I think they all turned out great! I love their matching shirts!

I was going to tell you something else when you picked up Jodi and I forgot and I will probably forget by the next time I see you...One of the doors the girls knocked on made us LOL! someone opened the door just a little and said, "NOBODY'S HOME!" the girls just walked away from the door and it didn't even phase them. they just ran to the next house. Rose and I cracked up! Silly girls!

Sharla said...

The photos really are great! I'm impressed. Breanna has gotten so grown up! Crazy. Who said they could grow up?

Alli said...

They are beautiful little ladies! The pictures turned out great.

Elena Harrison said...

Lookin' good!!! Did you plan the matching shirts? Those are not normal school looking pictures. Things are getting more advanced. I like it. said...

I keep thinkin' "Waz Up Homie?!" with the arms folded and all. hehehehe Cute as always, those Lee girls!:):):)

The Lee Clan said...

Nope, I didn't plan the matching shirts, the girls did. I love it when they can get along. It was so cute the morning of picture day, planing what everyone would wear.