Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

I am not a big fan of Halloween, I have always hated dressing up, scary things and etc. I have a real vivid imagination. I have nightmares over the smallest and slightly scary things. So, needless to say Halloween is not a fun time of year for me. But Jared and the girls love it. Last night was our ward "Trunk or Treat" party. It was alot of fun. Jared is off Hunting somewhere with our Brother-in-law Robbie, so Denee came with us. We (the girls) decorated the trunk. We had Chilli for dinner, and they had a bounce house, a cake walk, karaoke, a spook alley, face painting, and ofcourse the best part of the evening, the candy. The pics arn't great. Camera is fading fast.

Breanna was Cleopatra, Amber was Miley Cirus(not Hannah Montana), Candace was a Princess, and Jodi was a Witch (but was soposed to be dressed like she was from the 70's, she wouldn't wear the costume that I bought her, the one that she picked out) Danica was a pumkin witch.


Alli said...

The girls were darling and the party was lots of fun, eh? I'm glad to hear that Jodi gave you a hassle, it's good to know it isn't just my kids who are. . . difficult :)

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

How fun. Cute school pictures of the girls too!!

Shel said...

The trunk is lookin' good! Way better than how far we got with ours! I haven't checked up on you in ages...nor anyone else...miss you guys! Hopefully we will see you soon! Love the school pics! Your kids are beautiful and always look sooo happy! (I dont think I have ever been around them Unhappy??)