Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girls Camp 2011

This year we had 2 girls going to Girls Camp.  Yes, you read it right, I wrote 2 girls going to Girls Camp, Oh and my husband. 

Breanna and Amber had a fun time. Amber was a little nervous this being her 1st year, but she survived and had a blast, she was surprised that she didn't get a break from chores.  Jared was up there as the Archery instructor and had a fun time teaching the girls how to shoot the bows, and was even more excited for the girls when they hit the targets.

The theme of Girls Camp this year was "Hearts and Souls Under Construction".  The girls were challenged to read the Book of Mormon and underline the words hearts and souls.  Both of our girls finished the BofM before they left for Camp, and both of them were able to pray and find out for themselves that the scriptures and our Church are true.  I was so excited and happy for both of them to be able to know for themselves the truthfulness of the Gospel.

Jared was such a good sport, when there were problems with the toilets he was called in to fix the toilets.  He received an award for "Best Camp Dad" for letting the girls in our ward paint his nails and then helping them paint their nails. Jared informed me that he got a clear coat with pink polka dots.

Jared's nails painted!

Following are some pictures of Girls Camp through the eyes of Breanna:

La Pradera Park Ward, YW and Leaders!

 Breanna's bulls eye!

Breanna, Carley, Lilly, Brielle and Bailey showing off their muscles!

Yearlings who received their awards!
(Amber is bottom row second from the right)

 LPP's Cabin!

The Flag!

 Breanna and Makela!

 3rd years who received their awards!
(Breanna is bottom row purple shirt on the right)

Girls Camp through the eyes of Amber to come soon (as soon as I take her disposable camera in to get put on a CD, hopefully tomorrow).