Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colorado Trip Part Six! (Finally)

It is now Friday morning! My parents, sisters and their husbands wanted to go to the Zoo, Jared and I on the other hand did not. So my parents willingly took the girls with them to the zoo. The girls had a fun time, while Jared and I went shopping to get food for the trip home and we ran a couple of more errands. It was actually a nice quiet time for us. We sent the girls to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with the camera so that they could take pictures of their trip.

The Moose that they saw!

A Bear that they saw!

The girls cousin Brody! My sister Elena's son!

Needless to say, the girls had a fun time at the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa, but they didn't take very many pictures.

That night Jared and I went and met up with some friends of ours, and had a wonderful time catching up.

On Saturday we headed over to Widefield High School, where Jared and I both attended HS, one of the reasons we went to CO this summer was for Jared's 20 year reunion. OMGoodness, am I really that old? Of course the other was to spend time with all of our family. So, back to the reunion, they planned a picnic lunch at the HS, we had alot of fun showing the girls around the halls, and showing them were some of our classes were. The funny thing for us was that some of the areas were closed for asbestos removal. They were removing asbestos while we were in HS and after 20 years they are still working on it. The HS isn't that big. Oh, Well! One of our memories of HS is the big gladiator that is the HS mascot, and is huge, and stands in front of the school, so we took the girls over to him to get their pictures taken.

Jared and I!

Jared and his girls!

That night we went to a restaurant for the official part of Jared's HS Reunion. We had a nice time catching up even more. Jared is glad that he decided to go to his reunion. I am still debating whether or not to go next year to mine.

We truly had a wonderful trip, and enjoyed spending time with our family. One of my favorite parts of the trip is when we got to meet Brody for the first time, I thought that he would be shy and cling to his parents, but boy was I wrong, he is a big flirt, I put out my arms and he walked right up to me. One of the funniest parts of the trip was when the girls were trying to teach their Uncle Mike how to "Skin a Cat". When Sunday rolled around we were glad to be heading home. Our drive home was real quiet, because we were minus 2 girls, Breanna and Amber had the opportunity to stay and extra week and Uncle Justin brought them home August 2nd. They had a fun time, but they were ready to come home. Hope you enjoyed our many post about our fun vacation to CO!


Alli said...

Yeah Alyssa! Aren't you proud of yourself? What a fun trip!

The Davis Crue said...

Alyssa, Jodi took so many pictures at the zoo, she had a lot of me! She thought it was fun to take pictures of me, when I did not want her to. She was always taking pictures of the animals. She was really cute about it.

P.S. did you delete them?

The Lee Clan said...

I only have about 27 pics of the zoo, and most of them are blury. Please remember that she is only six years old. I'm sure she was cute about it, but she can't hold still for very long.

Elena Harrison said...

Glory, Glory, Halleluiah
Glory, Glory, Halleluiah
Glory, Glory, Halleluiah
Alyssa finally caved!!!!

Love Michael

Elena Harrison said...

So now that this post has been here for a MONTH and you have NOT posted anything since, when are you going to get the guts uo and poist again???? Are you scared!??