Monday, August 3, 2009

Colorado Trip Part Four!

After we got home from the Butterfly Pavilion, we decided to hang out and rest at John's home. Now, I am sure you are asking yourselves, "Did they really rest?", I can totally understand this question...because we haven't rested at all since our vacation started. Well, the answer is no, we did not rest. Jared came across a dart gun and decided that all of the children needed one. So off to the store he and John went and came home with some wicked dart guns. The men and the children played non-stop for almost 3 hours. We didn't get very many pictures of this, because it was hard, they kept running around for some reason.

Jodi with a semi-auto dart gun!

Cousin Jacob reloading!

Amber with her sniper riffle dart gun!

That night after we got the children into bed the adults played "Hand and Foot" until about 1 in the morning. Boy were we tired the next day. While the parents were tired, the children wanted to play some more so we took them to a really nice park. In the afternoon we let the kids play in the water, until it was time for us to head down to my parents home.

Breanna and Jodi racing down the slip n slides.

I think this was tied!

Candace and Morgan hanging out in the Kiddie pool!


Uriah, Kaelynn, Isabelle, and Abinadi said...

Hee Hee, you said "wicked" as if you were from the northeast! When have you ever lived in Boston? Just kiddin' ;)