Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Colorado Trip Part Five!

Well, it is Wednesday night and we are at my parents home now. We truly had a fun time visiting with everyone, but we have decided that we will do things differently the next time we come to CO. When we left John's home it was right at the beginning of rush hour traffic. What were we thinking? Jared was really tired, the girls were really tired, I was really tired. It took us 1 hour to drive through Denver, this had to have been the longest ride from Denver to Colorado Springs I have ever taken. Needless to say we just rested when we got to my parents home.

On Thursday morning we went to Rock Ledge Ranch, when I was growing up it used to be called White House Ranch. The girls had a fun time learning about the family that lived there, and looking at the first home that they had, then the second, then the third and how they gained more amenities every time they built a home.

Candace helping cut wood the old fashioned way!

Breanna with her cousin Mallory!

Jodi with her cousin Tayloranne!


For dinner my parents made reservations at one of the coolest places I have ever been. If you are a cowboy or a cowboy at heart you have to check this place out. We went to The Flying W Ranch. This is a working cattle ranch, and they have a small part of their ranch set up as a small western town. You can go and tour the town, they have places like a school, a library, a drug store where you can get old fashioned candy, you can watch them shoe horses, but the best part is they feed you a real chuck wagon dinner, and then after dinner you get a show, the Flying W Wranglers sing for us.

Jared with his girls and Tayloranne and Mallory(cousins)! He bought himself a cowboy had, and all the girls a cowgirl hat. I can't wait until October when it is cooler to get our family pictures done...I have got such a cute idea for matching clothes to go along with all of the hats.

This is all I have time for today! I will finish our trip in the next post!


Elena Harrison said...

Come on slacker....you posted lots of stuff from your vaca, yet haven't finished it. What's the deal? We want to know the rest of your story!!!! Where is part 6 of your Colorado Springs saga??

Love Michael

The Lee Clan said...

Are you satisfied Mike? Love Ya!