Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve!

*Yea, I know, I'm really behind on posting! I will just post little by little until I get caught up!

Back to Christmas Eve! We had a wonderful time getting together with Jared's family! We went over to Jared's cousins home, Chad and Shelly Turley! We enjoyed visiting with family, and watching the children play and of course eating! We ate yummy yummy Mexican food. So here are a few pics of the evening, enjoy!

Amber, Candace and Jodi with Carter! Breanna, Jodi and Candace with Bryce!

Jared and Aunt Kerry! Uncle Edd, Grandma Millie and Danica!

I know the pics aren't the greatest, but I was having too much fun visiting with everyone, so I let the girls run around and take the pics for me!