Saturday, November 22, 2008

Much easier this time!!!

On Friday Amber went on a BIG Field trip for a 9 year old. All of the 4th grade classes went on a Cavern Quest. I dropped Amber off at school at 6:00 in the morning. If you remember from this post, I was a nervous wreck, when Breanna went on this Field Trip. But this time it was much easier. I was still a mom, and thought of Amber all day long, whether or not she was obeying the adults, being nice and polite to her friends, etc., etc., etc., you know, all of the things that moms think about! But needless to say she had a blast, and didn't stop talking about the field trip for at least an hour. When I picked her up from the school at 5:30pm I asked her teacher Mrs. Gray if Amber was good and obeyed all the rules. Mrs. Gray then told me that Amber was allot of fun to have on the trip, and that her manners were wonderful, there was always a please and a thank you, and that she never had to remind her of the rules. Wow, I think what I am trying to teach the girls at home is really paying off.


Machelle said...

You have taught your girls well. They are so sweet. And you did good too mom. Letting go is hard.