Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to School...

on August 9th.  Yes, we are back in school, as much as I wish that we had longer summers, I think that we were all ready to be back into some sort of routine.  The girls were very excited, they were all looking forward to a new year and new teachers and getting in touch with all of their friends from school.  (Opps, a run on sentance, maybe I should go back to school...NOT) 

Breanna, Amber, Candace and Jodi
ready for their 1st day of School! (YES, Candace and Jodi are starting to outgrow Amber)

Breanna our 8th grader,  I am sometimes still in shock that she is that old, it feels like just yesterday she was in preschool.  Oh and she made the Volleyball Team.  We are so Happy for her.

Amber is our 6th grader.  She loves school and is trying out for the Dance Team and has joined Cross Country. 

Candace is our 4th grader.  She is doing so well with her speech, and is doing so good in Math they have put her in the Push Math class (it is were they learn at a faster rate)  She too has joined the Cross Country Team.
Jodi is our 2nd grader.  She LOVES school, but is the hardest of all of our children to wake up in the morning.  She is also very jealous of her sisters and their being able to participate is many school activities.  She wants to be grown up so bad.

So here we go on a journey of a new School Year. 


John and Caroline said...

Ooohh! I just love your girls! Hope that this school year is just so much fun! Good luck!

Aunt Care

Alli said...

Breanna did such a good job with her talk yesterday, she is a lovely young lady. We sure love you and your kids!

Diana said...

Cute! Ansley is happy to be on the bigger playground and see Jodi!

Machelle said...

Boy these girls have sure grown up. When you moved in the ward Candace was a baby. I didnt mean to call so late but I left a message for Azure to get your new number. I dont have an updated anything anymore. It was very important that I speak to Breanna and I meant every word.I am so impressed with her and BTW she is the only one I called. :}