Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well, as you know we went to the Imperial Sand Dunes for Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful time with friends. We left Wednesday afternoon after I got off of work, Jared pulled the girls out of school early and came and got me. We got there after dark so the girls didn't get to ride, but they got to play with friends while the adults set up camp. On Thursday we started riding, and the weather was perfect, and so was the riding. It had rained really good the day before, and when it rains the sand is perfect to ride on. We had allot of good food for Thanksgiving diner, we had a big pot luck, with at least 15 other trailers, 6 of us from AZ, and the rest from CA, but everybody new somebody somehow. Good yummy food. We always seem to eat better when we are camping, or food just taste better when camping. The best part of the whole trip is that we didn't get stuck in the sand this time. Thanks to a 4X4 truck. The not so fun part of the trip is that Candace got sick, she ran a fever most of the weekend so I spent most of my time at camp. I just felt horrible for her. So here are some pics of our wonderful trip. I didn't get very many pics,because I would forget that I had the camera, and would forget to take it with me when we went on big rides. This is Amber taking the kids for a ride around the camp. And yes, she is only 9, and can barely see over the steering wheel of the golf kart, but she is so good at driving it, and watches out for everyone and thing. This is Jared leaving to go on one of the many rides the guys went on. He is on the motorcycle all deck out in riding gear. I will not let him ride unless he has the garb on, because I have ridden with him before, and he is a little crazy.This is video of Amber getting used to riding her dirt bike in the sand.

All in all we had a fun time. The only thing that bothered me was that there were way to many people there for my liking. I think that I am an off weekend kind of girl. I wish that I had sent my camera to the Sand drags with Jared, he said that the drags were a mile long. I would have loved to see that. I also wish that I had taken it with me both of the times that we went to the hill, ton of people there also.


Machelle said...

You guys are always doing something fun.

Alli said...

Looks like a great time!